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Hi, my name is Christopher and I run GenitalWartCreams.com where you will find extensive information about signs, symptoms, precautions and treatments for genital warts resulting from an HPV infection.

While it is by far one of the most common STDs in North America and all Western countries the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) still tends to confuse people. While there over 100 strains of this virus, with some of them showing no symptoms at all for many years or even a lifetime, there are some that result in some pretty unpleasant effects.

One of the most common visual symptoms is warts on the skin, especially in those areas that have come in contact with other people. This is why it is so common to find these warts in genital areas on both men and women.

For a lot of people, searching online is probably the first thing they do to find out if they have certain symptoms. That is where I try to help guide people to do an initial self-assessment. If you are in any doubt about the condition it is always best to seek out professional medical help.

However, there are some treatment options that do not require you to go to a doctor and get a prescription for controlled medications. There are quite a few over the counter treatment options available that are fully approved by the FDA, and many of these contain completely natural ingredients.

I have researched a lot of these products and on this site you will find advice on which ones to try and where to buy them. A lot of these products are available online so you can save yourself the embarrassment of having to have a conversation with a pharmacist under the glaring eye of other people in the queue.

Do check out all our content, especially around what the virus is and how to tell the signs of it. I provide extensive information on all aspects, and do not hold back on painting the full picture of the dangers associated with certain strains. I will be adding content on a regular basis as new treatments are made available.

If you have specific questions on some of the products we recommend on our website, then you can use the comment sections available to post questions anonymously. I look at all comments and use them for ideas on additional content.

Hope to hear from you soon,