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Common Myths About Genital Warts

Don’t believe everything you hear about HPV and genital warts!

While HPV related genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted infection you can encounter, there are an awful lot of myths that you will hear about them. Unfortunately, these myths can result in making you feel anxious about having identified such an infection.

You may even feel like people will judge you and you will want to keep a secret. This total misconception can actually end up doing you more harm than good and will result in you feeling stressed for totally wrong reasons.

By the end of this article we will have given you answers and correct information about HPV that will allow you take the right action.

Wartrol Genital Wart RemoverFirst though, if you have identified genital warts, you will need to treat them immediately and effectively. The longer you ignore them the more difficult it can be to properly treat them. One of the best products available without prescription is Wartrol. This is a fully FDA approved topical medication that attacks the warts itself.

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer online, to save you some money, as well as awkward and judging conversations with a pharmacist.

Dependent on the severity of your warts and how far they are spread, it can take up to 10 weeks to fully remove them. However, you should see progress and marked improvement within about 2 weeks. If you do not see any improvement in 10 weeks’ time, then it will be time to contact your doctor.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths.

The 4 Most Common Myths

1 – You Are The Only Person You Know With HPV

Chances of this being true are extremely slim. HPV is the most common STI, with over 80 million affected people in America. What is unique about STIs is that to this day it is a a hushed-up topic.

What you also need to consider is that only 1 in 4 people are never infected in their life time. So, that means that you are not alone, and that a lot of people you know will also knowingly or unknowingly have contracted HPV. But all those people do not talk about because of the next reason.

2 – Only People With Multiple Partners Get The Virus

If you have an HPV infection then you are one of 20 million people in America each year who get the same diagnosis. Yes, the virus is predominantly transmitted through sexual intercourse, but because it so wide spread in the population this does not mean that only people with multiple sexual partners having casual sex will get it.

The more sexual partners you have in your lifetime, the more likely you will be exposed to it due to the fact that it affects so many people. You also need to know that once infected, the virus cannot be removed altogether.

To help you understand this let’s show you some facts. Studies have shown that 80% of women who have had less than 4 sexual partners in their life, tested positive for HPV. Another study showed that about 20% of middle income women, who are married with kids would test positive for HPV.

If you belong into any such groups then you would likely not be classified as having casual sex with multiple partners. And yet, there is a stigma attached to HPV that you may also have believed to be true.

hpv treatment for men

3 – If You Use Condoms You Are Fully Protected

Using condoms is vital to ensure you do not get an STI of any kind. Many of the most notable ones like gonorrhea and HIV are transmitted through body fluids and condoms are very effective at avoiding them when used properly.

The problem with HPV is that you can get it from skin-to-skin contact. During sex, more than just your genitals make contact, which means there is a lot of areas of your body that make contact.

As a result, you can be practicing perfectly safe sex and still get infected with HPV. However, you should not think that condoms are ineffective to protect against HPV and genital warts. This is not true, as tests have shown that they will greatly reduce your risk, just not fully protect you.

4 – If You Have Warts Once You Will Get Them Again

It is true that some strains of HPV will result in multiple occurrences of genital warts. You will find though, that this is more down to lack of proper treatment, other health issues and specific forms of the virus.

If you do not fully treat warts to ensure complete removal, they can quickly come back, sometimes in a matter of weeks. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to use your chosen or prescribed medication by following the instructions all the time.

If you have other underlying health issues that are impacting your immune system than your body can struggle to keep the virus contained. In such cases you should consult with a doctor to ensure that your overall health is improved as well.

Finally, some strains just seem to be toucher to fight and can result in warts coming up again even months later. The good news is though, that if you are healthy then your body will become more effective at controlling the virus. As a result you will not be likely to see the warts again.


Don’t fall for the stigma and idea that you are alone and should be judged as having done wrong. HPV is extremely common and increasingly more people like you are becoming infected. The important thing to remember is that you should take immediate action to treat genital warts as the longer you leave them untreated the more severe they will become.

Wartrol should be your first step in taking action, and can have you clear of the symptoms within weeks. With promotional offers available you can get free bottles of treatment and there is also a 100% money back guarantee. This means you are buying a proven and safe product that will get rid of the warts fast. If it does not work as you expect, you can simply ask for your money back.

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