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How to Find Out if You Have HPV

How To Find Out If You Have HPV

HPV or Humano Papillomavirus is a virus that is transmitted through sexual contact usually through anal and vaginal sex. Statistically, 50% of people who have had sex, especially unprotected, will have HPV. In fact HPV is not a new virus and many are not aware they have HPV. This is because you may not see any symptoms of the virus at all, or not for many years.

Who Are at Most Risk of HPV?

You are a risk of acquiring HPV if you:

  • Have had sexual intercourse at a young age.
  • Engage frequently in unprotected sex.
  • Have multiple sexual partners.
  • Have a sexual partner who has had multiple sexual partners.
  • Engage in sexually adventurous acts such as oral, anal and having multiple partners at one time.

There are at least 100 types of HPV that have been identified. HPV types 6 and 11 cause genital warts. Most people do not know if they have HPV because there are no immediate signs. Some forms of the virus also do not manifest until years or decades later. One such example is that HPV can cause cancer, but this will not be en immediate effect. It is important to note that if you have tested positive for HPV then there is no cure for it; you just have to keep a close eye on any developing symptoms.

Symptoms can also be very subtle and difficult to see. However, if one of the partners experiences genital bleeding during intercourse that could be a sign he or she is infected with HPV. In such situations of bleeding it is best to talk to a doctor.

hpv treatment for men

If you have a compromised immune system due to other underlying health issues then you are also more susceptible to contracting a HPV infection as well as displaying symptoms like genital warts. If you do have other health issues, then you should seek out medical attention before deciding on possible over the counter options available.

Prescription Free Treatment

Wartrol Genital Wart RemoverIf you have identified genital warts and want to take care of the problem quickly then there are a several products available over the counter and online. One of these natural ingredient based products is Wartrol and you will be able to start using this product in just a few days by buying directly from the manufacturer.

Because it is a natural product you will not suffer any serious side effects, while at the same time knowing that you are taking care of the problem. As a fully FDA approved product you can also rest assured that you are not buying some back street potion based on witch craft.

Online ordering is very simple and straightforward and the package that arrives will not be branded, so you will not advertise to the delivery man or your neighbors that you have developed HPV symptoms. Treatment time can take up to 12 weeks, but this will ensure that you fully get rid of the warts, and reduce the chance of them reappearing.

The great thing is that that application is very easy and only requires a few simple steps which start with cleaning the infected area and thoroughly drying it after. The liquid can then be applied once or twice a day until the warts have fully disappeared. Wartrol is a very affordable product and the company regularly run promotions where you can get free bottles. You should also know that you can get a full refund if you are not totally satisfied with the results.

Risks of HPV

HPV may go away after a period time. However, high risk HPV can result in cancer of the cervix, vagina, penis, anus and throat.

There is no clear scientific or medical study that has pinpointed why certain people are more predisposed to HPV resulting in cancer. However it has been generally recognized that women are more susceptible to the risk of developing cancer through HPV.

Poor lifestyle choices; lack of exercise, cigarette smoking and unhealthy eating habits, have been identified as factors that could exacerbate HPV from a symptom of discomfort to cancer.

Identifying Genital Warts

Genital warts are the physical manifestation of HPV. Visual inspection is the usual method for identifying genital warts. However, a biopsy test should be conducted if the visual inspection yields the following results:

  1. The visual inspection is inconclusive.
  2. The warts do not respond to standard procedure or therapy.
  3. The condition of the warts deteriorates after conducting therapy.
  4. The patient’s immunity is compromised.
  5. The warts start to bleed and cause discomfort and pain.

wart cream treatmentGenital warts are usually not painful although it can cause discomfort depending on the location.

People should seek treatment of genital warts to relieve discomfort, prevent proliferation and for cosmetic reasons. Without treatment, it is possible for genital warts to remain unchanged or resolve on their own. However, the greater risk lies in genital warts increasing in size and area coverage.

Tests for HPV

For women, a PAP smear can identify if there are abnormal cells in the cervix. It does not confirm the existence of HPV but raises the possibility of having HPV. In certain situations, the health care provider may recommend undertaking an HPV Test.

Women over 30 usually subject themselves to both tests to determine their risk for acquiring cervical cancer. If the test results are negative, the lower the risk of cancer.

There is no generally recognized or approved method of HPV testing for men.

Prevention of HPV

What Are Genital WartsThere are vaccines available that protect men and women from acquiring HPV. Doctors recommend boys and girls to receive the vaccine starting age 12, several years before they become sexually active.

Studies show vaccination reduces the risk of acquiring HPV by 50%. If women have not been fully vaccinated at that age, they can receive it at age 26. On the other hand, men can receive the vaccine at age 21. However, if you have already tested positive for HPV, then the vaccine will not provide you with any benefit.

Other than vaccination, responsible sexual behavior and abstinence are the only other ways of preventing HPV. Condoms have not been proven to be effective in preventing all types of HPV. Studies have shown that while condoms offer some measure of protection to men, they do not for women.

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