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HPV Treatments At Home

Remove Genital Warts With HPV Treatments At Home

If you have ever had genital warts, I am sure the first thing you wondered was how you can get rid of them at home without having to go through the expense of going to the doctor. As HPV related warts are one of the most common types of STD, you are not alone in this dilemma. Keep reading this page to find out how you can deal with the warts effectively and at low cost.

General Info

Genital warts, which are also known as anal warts, condylomata acuminate, venereal warts or anogenital warts, are a kind of lesion which grows around or on the genital area of your body.

Some common symptoms associated with genital warts are itching of the affected areas, excessive moisture around the genital areas, bleeding after sexual intercourse, and an increase of vaginal discharge. Not only can it be uncomfortable to have genital warts, they can also be embarrassing and should be taken care of before they become worse.

Top Recommendation To Take Action Against Genital Warts

Wartrol Genital Wart RemoverThe best option currently available is Wartrol, which is a fully FDA approved treatment based on natural ingredients. You can buy it over the counter at a pharmacy, but if you want to save yourself the embarrassment of having to ask for it in public you can also order it online directly from the company that makes it.

Delivery is fast and discrete, as you will receive a package that is unmarked regarding its content. You probably do not want the post or delivery service to know what product you are receiving.

Application is very easy with simple instructions included in the product package. First thing you need to do is thoroughly wash the affected area and make sure it is completely dry. The apply the liquid Wartrol cream and let it soak in. This should be done twice a day and treatment can take several weeks to fully remove the warts.

Buying online is the easiest solution and you can also take advantage of some of the regular special offers for free bottles of Wartrol. Simply head over to the online shop and you will be taking action against your warts within days.

Wartrol Genital Wart Remover

Other Home Remedies

If you would prefer trying to get rid of genital warts at home with some natural ingredients available in grocery and health food stores, here are 14 home remedies for genital warts:

1 – Apple Cider Vinegar

An effective home treatment for genital warts is apple cider vinegar. Simply dip a clean cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and gently apply on all of the genital warts. Leave it on overnight and in the morning thoroughly wash them off. If, however you have been feeling excessive pain, leave the apple cider vinegar on for as long as possible and then thoroughly wash off.

2 – Castor Oil

Although castor oil is a bit smelly, it can help to remove genital warts. Simply soak a clean cotton ball in castor oil and then tape the cotton ball onto the warts. The cotton balls should be changed at least three times a day.

3 – Vitamin E Oil

Rub vitamin E oil gently on the genital warts and place sterile gauze over it. This process can be repeated until the genital warts disappear completely. If you are unable to get vitamin E oil, you can also squeeze the oil from vitamin E capsules and apply this to the warts.

What You Need to Know About HPV Treatment for Men4 – Onion

One of the most effective ways of treating genital warts is with onion. Take a few thinly sliced pieces of onion, place gauze over them and tape them to the genital warts. After three to four hours reapply. The juice from the onions is what helps to remove the genital warts.

5 – Oatmeal

Oatmeal does not actually help with the removal of genital warts; it does however help to greatly reduce itchiness, irritation and any pain. Fill a clean tub with warm water and mix in some finely powdered oatmeal. Soak any affected areas in the water and you will experience relief.

6 – Pineapple Juice

Grind some fresh pieces of pineapple so you can get some pineapple juice. Pour some of the juice on a clean cotton swab and place it over the genital warts for ten minutes. Once that time has elapsed, clean it off and repeat twice a day.

7 – Banana Peel

Place the inside part of the banana peel on the genital warts and use tape to stick it on. Leave it on overnight and in the morning remove it. Repeat every night for around two weeks or until the genital warts change color and fall off.

8 – Garlic

Take eight cloves of garlic, peel them and crush them into a fine paste. Apply this paste to the genital warts and after an hour, wash off. This can be done daily until the genital warts have vanished.

9 – Potato

Cut thick slices of potatoes and slowly rub them over the genital warts two to three times a day. To really notice a difference, do this for at least two weeks.

10 – Epsom Salt

Fill a clean tub with warm water and add in Epsom salt. For thirty minutes soak in it and then thoroughly dry your genitals. This should be done three times a week.

11 – Vitamin C

Take vitamin C tablets and crush them, mix with water to make a vitamin C paste. Apply this paste to the genital warts and cover the affected areas with a bandage, leave on for the entire day and this process will help destroy the virus.

12 – Alcohol

Simply take some rubbing alcohol and gently ruin over the genital warts twice a day. This process is a slow one which may take over a month to start to show results.

13 – Transparent Nail Polish

Apply clear nail polish over the genital warts and leave on all day. This process can be repeated daily, preferably before going to bed until the warts disappear.

14 – Baking Soda

Take one spoonful of baking soda and thoroughly mix in with castor oil to create a paste. This paste can be applied to the genital warts and covered with a bandage. Repeat twice a day for three weeks.

These simple home remedies, if properly used can help you to get rid of irritating, painful and embarrassing genital warts without having to go to the doctor.

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