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When Infected With HPV Men Should Act Fast

With certain strains of HPV men have to take actions to resolve the symptoms as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that the symptoms you may have encountered already, will not resolve themselves.

If left untreated, genital warts can continue to spread. This will mean you end up with many more that grow in size as well. This can be cause for quite a bit of discomfort and you may even see signs of bleeding.

It is also highly important to treat warts effectively to avoid spreading them to other people. It is very easy to spread HPV through sexual intercourse, and condoms only provide a certain level of protection.

Once you have developed warts there are certain treatments available to you that do not require a prescription. But in serious infections and when over-the-counter medication doesn’t work, you should seek out professional medical help.

What Is HPV?

hpv treatment for menHPV is short for human papillomavirus and it is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. There are over 100 strains of the virus and they all can result in different effects.

Some of the strains will go completely unnoticed and may never show any visual symptoms at all. Others than can be quite serious and are a known contributor to cancer, especially in women.

In most cases you will encounter warts on the skin around your genital area, but it is also possible to develop warts in your mouth and throat. In this case, you will also have to seek out medical help as a wider spread can become very uncomfortable.

In the case of genital warts there are different types of medication that you can get to deal with them effectively. We have some recommended products further down, but let’s take a closer look at some specific strains.

What Strains Of HPV Cause Warts?

As already mentioned not all of the over 100 strains will cause warts. In addition to that, you will find that different types of warts can be more severe and difficult to get rid of. The important thing to remember is that the sooner you act the better your chances of a fast recovery.

Here are the most common types of warts that you might encounter and what strains of HPV are the most likely cause:

  • Common warts: 2, 7
  • Plantar warts: 1, 2, 4
  • Flat cutaneous warts: 3, 10
  • Anogenital warts: 6, 11, 42,43,44, 55

Because of the wide spread of the HPV strains among the population, it is entirely possible that you have more than one infection. This is especially likely if you have had many different sexual partners.

However, you should also realize that an infection can even happen with very little sexual activity. Because there are over 20 million people in the USA infected, the chance of encountering the virus is quite high.

You should also understand that using condoms will not provide 100% protection. HOV is spread by skin contact of all the areas around your genital, including those not protected by a condom.

What You Need to Know About HPV Treatment for Men

How Do You Deal With Genital Warts?

You have several options open to you.

Firstly, you can use non-prescription medication to treat the warts and fully get rid of them. There are very effective options available, and we even have a section on this website to help you find natural remedies. In the next section we will highlight the most effective treatment available.

Secondly, you can visit you doctor and get more aggressive treatments, some of which include medication that has to be administered by a doctor or nurse. This is recommended when the first option has failed or where the warts are widely spread.

Finally, you can talk to your doctor about more invasive options like freezing and surgically removing them. This should be a very last option, as it will also involve quite a bit of pain.

What Is The Best Treatment Option?

Wartrol Genital Wart RemoverWhen infected with HPV men should take immediate action and not waste time. If you see warts developing then waiting should be the last thing you do. The good news is that there is an excellent product available that will help with your wart problem.

Wartrol is a leading product on the market and it has full FDA approval. This means it has been extensively tested and is proven to be safe. With very few side effects you will be able to get started with a treatment and go about your regular life as normal.

The order process is simple. You can head over the Wartrol website and order directly. This way you can avoid embarrassing conversation with a doctor or pharmacist, some of which would happen in public. You will receive a discretely packaged product in the post and within days you are ready begin the process.

Application is really simple. Ideally twice a day you will wash the affected area and make sure it is fully dry. Then you apply the liquid directly to the warts and leave to soak in. Once that is done you can go about your day as normal.

When you order online you can also take advantage of a lot of special offers. Most notable is the free product bottle offer for new customers to get you started. You will also be able to take advantage of a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Possible Reoccurrence

Because the virus cannot be fully killed off in your body the warts may go away and reappear later again. If this is the first time you have encountered such warts then it is a good idea to keep a spare bottle of the product. That way you can deal with any reoccurrence as soon as it happens.

If you find that you are regularly getting the warts to reappear then it is also a good idea to talk to a medical doctor about other options. This may be down to a particularly aggressive strain of the virus or other underlying medical conditions. In those cases it is always better to be safe than sorry and medical advice is the best option.

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