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Information On Best HPV Treatment For Men And Women

HPV Treatment For Men And Women

For hundreds of years, humans have been catching and spreading various diseases through sexual contact. It’s even rumoured that Christopher Columbus was infected and passed syphilis on to Europe after catching it from a Native American woman in the New World.

Many of the diseases weren’t discovered to be connected to sexual contact because they didn’t manifest themselves in the sex organs, especially in their later stages. Syphilis was one such disease that eventually infected the brain causing death in the later years of life.

Now, with the use of antibiotics, most of the bacterial infections have been battled down to new cases and those can be treated with just a few injections or pills. There is one type of sexually transmitted viral disease that is actually the most common in North America and it now has an excellent vaccine available if people would take the time to request it.

hpv treatment for menHPV-Human Papillomavirus – The Most Common STD In The US

There are several different strains of the HPV virus and it is so common that it would almost be unusual for any sexually active person not to have caught it. That being said, most cases are mild and those infected don’t realize it. The most common symptoms are genital warts, however, there are several types of cancers that are also caused by HPV viruses as well.

The viruses can be spread by nearly any kind of sexual contact including vaginal sex, anal sex, and even oral sex so precautions should be taken if one partner is infected. The problem is with most HPV infections there are very few signs or symptoms and many of those infected will have no signs whatsoever. In some people, the virus lies dormant for many years before they develop symptoms and they can end up blaming the wrong person for the infection.

Even after the infection has subsided, the person may still infect others for years, or never again, making the HPV virus difficult to manage. The real problem happens when the virus causes cancer of the cervix or penis. While this is a rare occurrence based on the number of infected people, if you’re the unlucky recipient of cancer you’ll wish you’d taken some precautions.

Available HPV Treatment For Men

Wartrol Genital Wart RemoverOne of the leading wart treatment products approved by the FDA and available over the counter and online is a product called Wartrol. The product will not cure the HPV infection, but it will quickly and effectively remove the unsightly symptoms like warts.

Clinically proven to remove warts caused by the HPV virus, the liquid can be easily applied without the help from a medical professional. You will find that it acts very fast and that it is a painless treatment option using natural ingredients.

With no reported side effects you will be able to take the first steps against rid of genital warts to save you further embarrassment.

With the ability to buy online and receive a discreetly packaged product in the post, you can also save yourself from having to visit your local pharmacy and have to answer questions you would probably rather not talk about in public.

You can buy online with a safe checkout process and take advantage of a 90-day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose with this natural product that can remove warts fast and effectively.


In recent years there have also been some developments in vaccinations, and as the saying goes, prevention is better than treatment.

The HPV Vaccine Is By Far The Best Prevention For Men Or Women

There are several vaccines that cover the various strains of HPV and they’re typically combined into one injection. The injection needs to be given twice, with the second about six to twelve months after the first dose. Then, it’s also recommended that people get an additional booster at about 23 to 26 years old to continue the protection. Unfortunately, the vaccine doesn’t work on those that are already infected so the original vaccine should be given years before any sexual activity for best results. That means at about age 11 or 12 to be sure.

What You Need to Know About HPV Treatment for MenOriginally, young females were targeted since they were most likely to get cervical cancer from the virus. However, now most doctors are also recommending young males get vaccinated in order to prevent oral cancer that has also been linked to the virus. The cancer in males usually begins in the back of the throat near the tonsils and spreads throughout the area. There have been some recent celebrities that have come out to encourage young males to get vaccinations to prevent cancers in their later years.

Those With Weak Immune Systems Are Strongly Urged To Vaccinate

With other viral diseases such as HIV or AIDS that tend to weaken the immune system, it’s highly recommended to get the HPV vaccine as soon as possible. When the immune system has been weakened the incidence of HPV-caused cancers increases dramatically and the virus can also cause increases in anal cancer and penile cancer as well. These cancers are much more likely to be fatal since the body’s own defense system is not functioning correctly.

At the current time, there is no approved test to detect the presence of HPV in the body, only to recognize the various warts and cancers that they cause. Once a person has been infected, the vaccine for that strain will no longer work and it’s also possible the other strains won’t be prevented as well.

More research is being done in this area at the present time. That makes getting the vaccine at a young age all the more important. It should also be noted that the more people that have the vaccine within a population the fewer unvaccinated people will be exposed to the virus. Looking at the larger picture, with vaccines being the best treatment for both men and women against the HPV virus, getting as many people vaccinated as possible in the entire population is a worthwhile goal.

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